Dedicated to Women's Empowerment since 1991

The backbone of Naturellement is formed by an expertly trained Indian workforce consisting of true confectionary and culinary artisans.

 At Naturellement, we pride ourselves on producing the highest quality gourmet food of international standard by means of socially responsible business practices. Our principles, which include high standards of quality and a deep concern for human values, focus on giving self-empowering work and training to women from the local villages surrounding Auroville.

Naturellement produces a wide range of natural food products using raw materials of the best quality. Ingredients are selected with great care and all cooking is done in small batches using traditional open pans to create a real “homemade” product. Choosing organically farmed products whenever possible, we are providing healthier unindustrialized products to our consumers, as well as helping to support a way of farming that is sustainable for the future.